Our mission at Bindle is to connect between people who share a love of the same amazing things.

We’re a community of passionate people finding & sharing great products through their collages.We’ve just made it easier to connect on a whole new level. Take a look:

Better in company

You need to keep on top of what your friends are getting and enjoying. From now on we’ll let you know when they add new gear and Bindles, so you can always be in the loop.

More than interesting

Bindle is full of techies, cyclists, musicians, runners, infographic-lovers, and aspiring connoisseurs. Start seeing what gear we want and use by choosing your interests. Easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy.


Add your networks

Show your friends what you’re into and inspire your followers by connecting your Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts. Get those Bindles out there!

Gearlists on CyclingAbout.com

Better blogging

Create interest and drive folks to your blog making your gear lists pop. Add the power of Bindle in a tiny embed.Checkout the amazing blog integration onĀ CyclingAbout.com

Dominic H. Nguyen

The co-creator of Bindle and a devotee to the design craft. I do my best to lead a minimalist material life - I want to own less but better things.

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