Every so often in the life cycle of a website it’s evident that change is necessary to push the product to next level. This time around we’ve made design changes that refine your experience down to the smallest detail – a big deal. It’s our pleasure to announce a major refresh that opens the site to all, features a new design, and showcases the improved collage.

Open to all

With the newest updates, we’ve opened Bindle up to everyone. Share Bindle with your friends, no invitation required!

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Creativity has never been easier. The dominating trend points to consumers creating more content  re-blogging, re-tweeting and re-posting material to express their own unique perspective. It’s not just limited to the creation of intangibles though. Material production in the future will be facilitated online by Etsy, funded by Kickstarter, and produced in residential neighborhoods [1]. A new generation of upstart manufacturer is blurring the line between consumer and producer. Imagine a future flooded with countless products to buy. Keep reading »

  1. OR drop-shipped from abroad []

Our mission at Bindle is to connect between people who share a love of the same amazing things.

We’re a community of passionate people finding & sharing great products through their collages.We’ve just made it easier to connect on a whole new level. Take a look:

Better in company

You need to keep on top of what your friends are getting and enjoying. From now on we’ll let you know when they add new gear and Bindles, so you can always be in the loop. Keep reading »

Working on a startup is a negotiation between intuition and requirements. I’ll try to illuminate the process of crafting Bindle and share, what has been, a largely introspective journey thus far.


Bindle is a way to make a list of your favorite products. Tom did a great job representing the raison d’etre of which I’ve pulled an excerpt:

When I make a Bindle, I am giving context to the decisions I’ve made. A more effective way doesn’t exist to represent myself as a discerning consumer…We see Bindle as a small, but important component in the movement towards better buying decisions.

The question of why plays an essential role in finding the right name. Keep reading »

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