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Creativity has never been easier. The dominating trend points to consumers creating more content  re-blogging, re-tweeting and re-posting material to express their own unique perspective. It’s not just limited to the creation of intangibles though. Material production in the future will be facilitated online by Etsy, funded by Kickstarter, and produced in residential neighborhoods [1]. A new generation of upstart manufacturer is blurring the line between consumer and producer. Imagine a future flooded with countless products to buy. Keep reading »

  1. OR drop-shipped from abroad []

Why Bindle?

Aug 30th 2011 by Tom Coleman

We believe in companies talking about what motivates them every day. This honesty is what we like to read and what we hope to continue with this blog.

Minimalist Materialism

To put it simply: own the right stuff.

Materialism is often presented in a negative light. It’s been associated with unnecessary spending and waste: buying things for the pleasure of it, rather than need for the item.

Certainly it’s an inclination which has manifested badly historically, but it does have some basis in our primal needs. We own things to function in our day-to-day lives; for most it’s not feasible to have a life without any possessions.

So where to from materialism? If the idea of being without possessions is not realistic, must we head in the opposite direction? Alternatively, people have agitated for what can be described as minimalist materialism. Keep reading »

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