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Even though at Bindle we limit our support to IE9, we still fear the obscure IE bug. It leads to an aversion to booting up a Windows 7 VM. jQuery + Compass have (greatly) reduced the worries over IE quirks, but from time to time I am still left shaking my head.

These days I find I can get away with deferring IE testing until towards the end of a release process, as most of the time all we need to do is double check things look and behave right. So imagine my surprise when seeing this while loading our latest release: Keep reading »

The Scariest Bug

Dec 19th 2011 by Tom Coleman

The scariest bug is the bug you can’t reproduce

Disclaimer: I’ve never worked at NASA, or designed guidance systems for ICBMs, or even worked on a product mission critical to people’s workflows; so don’t expect the potential consequences of this bug to scare you quite as much unless you, like me, develop user facing web applications.

Just about the worst possible side effect

After wrapping up the main development phase of our latest release. Zol stumbled upon a bug that transformed one person into another. Somehow we managed to create a super bug that would allow you to shape shift. Wonderful and frightening all at once.

What he was supposed to see

What he did see

Simply by hitting refresh on the bindle pictured above, in a blink of an eye, he was me: able to comment, post bindles, and generally live it up. (As you can see I have admin rights as well, so his potential for mischief was high!)

Needless to say the discovery of this bug a few days before our release was more than a little scary; having a normal user suddenly find themselves logged in as an admin user simply by viewing a random bindle is a dangerous scenario. Keep reading »

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