Our goal is to match you with the right products.

Gear helps you do what you love better. Here at Bindle we think the things you use reflect who you are. We're interested in the story of how products work together to make your experience better. The web continues to evolve, yet the way we discover products is still subject to the opinions of people we don’t really know and whose values might be completely different than ours. What we need is context - to know how things are used in real life.

Bindle strives to highlight the way things are used because we want to learn how to accomplish our goals with gear; we believe people with the same stuff as you are the best people to ask about gear.


Put into perspective

Keep track of the goods you want and the things you have in our collage. Create maps of your favorite things.



Explore the collections of likeminded people to discover the right tools to help you do what you love - better.



Get advice from fellow enthusiasts that share your gear. Learn from their experiences and share yours.


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